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Happy International Women's Day!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

We couldn’t think of a better time than International Women’s Day to write our first blog post and say hello to the world.

Hello! We’re Mango Creative Co. A woman-founded agency obsessed with breaking norms, giving all companies access to talent without crazy agency fees, and making direct response ads some of the coolest, most thoughtful creative around. (We never said we weren’t ambitious.)

Celebrating women founders in advertising is especially meaningful for us. You don’t need to be Peggy Sue’s biggest fan to know that women are still massively underrepresented in the creative agency world. Only .1% of ad agencies in the U.S. with national or international accounts are founded by women. Yes, you read that right––.1%. So in an attempt to not curl up in a ball and listen to Lizzo on repeat until I forget the dismal stat, we’re going to talk about a creative agency that isn’t just founded by one woman––but one that’s founded by two.

Alex and I didn’t set out to start a business founded by women––we wanted to rethink the creative agency model. So many incredible, growing brands are unable to get access to good creative strategy because of exorbitant agency fees and the obstacles of hiring internal teams. We’re here to change that. And to disrupt what many marketing agencies turned into–– chasing cheap clicks and putting creative on the backburner. Ah hell no. Brands deserve better than that.

We both started our careers writing copy for some incredible brands, honing our craft for solving problems with as few words as possible. After leading the creative side of performance marketing at Yelp for 3 years, we gained an insane amount of knowledge about how to strike the balance between brand and performance; how to be smart, punchy, and incredibly direct; and how to deliver just as much value to a company’s bottom line as to the people engaging with its content. So we did a crazy thing no one does: we started a creative agency.

To all the women hustlers out there, we applaud you. We support you and believe in you. We are in this with you. You are fearless and limitless and we are inspired by you, daily. Like Mira Kaddoura, showing us that there isn’t just space for women at the head of agencies, there’s a big ass need for it. And Jessica Walsh, one of the most innovative designers around and founders of the epic agency &Walsh.

To all the ladies who are dreaming of starting something: do it. We don’t have this thing completely figured out, but we are showing up every day, doing what we do best, dreaming up new ways for our clients to surpass benchmarks, hit goals, and be the best versions of themselves. We’re here to make a statement and we’re here to be loud. We’re women after all.

Happy Women’s Day,

Steph & Alex

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