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Mango Wants To Help Brands Be Their Best Selves During COVID-19

How a brand reacts during difficult, uncertain times can be incredibly memorable or easily forgotten. There’s a fine line to walk, and figuring it out can be daunting. (Don’t we know it.)

Mango’s mission is to help brands be their best selves and reach their potential. We’re here as an extension of you––as a resource to help figure out the best way to tell your story and how best to tell it. And, when we can, to be a little more human, kind, and surprising along the way.

How Can Brands Be Their Best Selves Right Now?

We’ve been thinking a lot about what it means for a brand to be their best self right now. How do you navigate strategic business and marketing decisions while staying relevant, valuable, and delightful to your community?

You come up with a thoughtful plan. 

How Mango Can Help

Mango is offering brand strategy sessions, roadmaps, content plans, and marketing strategies to help businesses define who they want to be right now and how to get there. 

Whether it’s a new approach to organic social and educational content to keep people engaged, a new paid ad strategy, or new messaging in your creative, we’ll tackle it together. Some brands might want to use the time to step back and take a holistic view of their business, focusing on aspects that could use a little more attention. 

As always, we want to be a resource to help you. We’re not here to upsell services you don’t need or to give you a cookie-cutter strategy at a discount. We’re here to work with you based on what’s most important to achieve right now. 

Free Strategy Sessions & Creative for Social

We’ll be holding free marketing and creative sessions to brainstorm and discuss high-level strategic plans to anyone that wants it.

Mango is also offering free help with social posts––up to two posts including design and copy––to help communicate what’s most important for your brand right now and to show your community that you’re still here. 

Let’s put our beautiful brains together and make something we’re all proud of.

With love and healing, 

Steph and Alex 

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