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Yelp is an app that connects people with restaurants, home pros, local services, and everything in between. We led the creative strategy and execution of their paid ads for B2C and B2B across all digital platforms (~ $20M spend/year). Our user acquisition campaigns contributed to 9% of Yelp's MAUs.


We grew CTRs for Yelp from .2 to 2% and helped them become the 3rd top advertiser. We did this with robust creative testing, tapping into seasonality trends, and leaning into a fun, witty, action-oriented tone with bright, eye-catching visuals.


It's no secret that success on Twitter comes down to hard-hitting copy. Impressions for these creatives hovered around 4M and CTRs reached 1.73%.


Snapchat became one of Yelp's most profitable acquisition channels.


We created over 50 videos that exceeded performance benchmarks and surpassed Snap's own creations. We did everything from script-writing to filming and editing on a very scrappy budget. Here are a few of the top performers.


The first video averaged 56M impressions a month. These videos surpassed the 1% CTR benchmark, many hitting 2-3%.